Industrial Factory Computer SolutionsIn a competitive manufacturing environment, operating margins are razor thin. Computers have taken up a leading role optimizing industrial processes, including design, fabrication, testing and asset tracking. Improve productivity and efficiency on the shop floor with smart factory solutions from ICP America.

Designed for use in environments that might be hot, cold, dusty or wet, our products help streamline workflow. From product standards and operating procedures to safety data sheets and component tracking, they provide immediate access and input of timely information directly on the factory floor.

Available Products:

At ICP America, we provide cost-effective manufacturing services and on-time delivery of products that surpass the industry’s highest quality standards. From initial concept and design to prototyping and full production, we provide rugged computer systems for demanding environments. Our factory solutions include: 

Light Industrial Panel PC’s: AFL3 Series

Display Monitor: DM-F Series

Heavy Industrial Panel PC: PPC-F Series, UPS Series

Tablet PC/Industrial PDAs: ICEFIRE Series, ICECARE-10W, MODAT-335, MODAT-531

Transportation Systems: IKARPC Series

Embedded PC: TANK Series, uIBX Series, DRPC Series, IVS Series

Machine operators, inspectors and production staff are often tasked to input data into a computer throughout a shift, with facilities scheduling multiple shifts per day over a seven-day week. At ICP, our expert engineers will custom design computer products to suit client workflow. Criteria can include ruggedness, fixed or portable, display size, computing power, storage capacity, network requirements and input-output needs.

Mounted to a wall, desktop or machine, our fixed computing solutions enable data entry and receipt by keyboard, scanner and touchscreen interface. Entering product identification information, parameters to cut material or start an assembly line is simple.

Advantages of working with ICP America:

Keep the factory floor moving without tethering workforce to one spot with mobile industry computing solutions from ICP America. With touchscreens, robust memory and storage, myriad input-output options and a variety of carrying cases or straps, our tablets and personal data assistants are versatile tools on the go.

Our smart factory solutions are ideal for a variety of industries, which include manufacturing, packaging, biotechnology, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and oil and gas, among others.

At ICP America, we build rugged computers and tablets to help customers streamline industrial operations. For more information, contact our team.

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