We live in a world that is continuously changing with new consumer trends and technological innovations coming along on a regular basis. To meet these changes, there has been an increase in automation and the use of intelligent technology across multiple different sectors and an ever-increasing need for differentiation.

In the past, a generic computer system may have been suitable for a business’s needs, but in the current market, more-customized systems are required. However, businesses may not have the necessary knowledge base or manufacturing capacity to build these essential systems. This is where we can help.

ICP America: A Partner in Success

For over 25 years, we have been working alongside businesses – large and small - across many key sectors, which have required innovative computing services for the manufacturing of their products or delivery of their services. Some of industries we specialize in include:

Solutions Perfect for You

As we have extensive knowledge of many industries, we can provide the perfect project solutions. No project is too big or small, and we can offer Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) as well as Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). What service you require will depend on your business size, needs and marketplace, and available solutions can be discussed in detail during our initial meeting.

OEM: Turning Your Designs into Added Value

Our OEM services are perfect for businesses that have a clear idea of what products they want and already have some designs in place. We will work alongside them to customize the designs and manufacture the systems they need when they need them. This is particularly important for fast-moving industries.

Whether you need a specific component for your production line, development of existing IT infrastructure, or digital signage to increase brand awareness, ICP America has the right solution and always offers the following as standard:

  • Outstanding Technical Support
  • Manufacturing of Products to Spec
  • High Performing Components and Systems
  • Branding
  • Scalable Production

ODM: Cutting Edge Design for Tomorrow

ODM is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a partner in the ideation and manufacture of a completely customized solution. Your business will provide us with a job specification, and our engineers will immediately get to work with:

  • Idea Creation
  • Drafting Blueprints
  • Building Prototypes
  • Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Testing
  • Flexible Delivery Dates Based on Project Requirements

We’ll do all of this with constant collaboration between our team and yours to ensure we deliver the product you want when you want it.

Long-Term Partners

Here at ICP America, we believe in building long-term partnerships to help your business adapt to the changing environment you operate within. We will support your business when you need to scale up production or when you need an entirely new solution.

Our commitment to building and nurturing relationships with our customers enabled us to help one of our long-term customers in the marine industry develop a more efficient drilling system for deep sea oil and gas. In this complex and highly-regulated sector, there is little room for error, and this was something our team understood when designing the new system.

This understanding of our customers’ needs means we are always on hand to listen, bounce ideas off of, and create new systems to give you the edge over the competition. To get started, contact ICP America today!

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