ICP America has been at the forefront of industrial and medical computer technology for over 25 years, and we are proud to serve as an industry-leading source for medical grade LCD displays. Reliable and precise, our high-performance LCD technology is the most accurate equipment on the market, supporting medical practitioners to deliver the finest medical care.

At ICP, we partner with you to provide turnkey computer systems, from design and engineering to manufacturing. We can help create a medical LCD display system that meets the unique needs of your healthcare facility.

When compared to off-the-shelf displays, medical grade LCD technology has consistently provided superior results. Studies by the National Institute of Health (NIH) show that diagnostics performed using medical grade technology are more accurate than the best over the counter technology available.

Medical grade displays from ICP America include monochrome and color monitors with the industry’s best resolution and brightness. Featuring high precision DICOM calibration, these LCD displays are specially designed for Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) applications.

Available Models

Our medical grade products include diagnostic monitors for radiology and clinical monitors for imaging review. Our individual models include the following selection:

  • MMD-2213M - This 2 megapixel LCD monitor features GrayBoost® technology, providing 4,096 tones of gray and a contrast ratio of 700:1, all with a 21.3” screen and resolution of 1600(H) x 1200(V).
  • MMD-3213M - With the same GrayBoost® technology as the MMD-2213M, this 3-megapixel unit offers an even higher resolution at 2048(H) x 1536(V). It also can be used for grayscale applications with excellent color-to-gray conversion capabilities.
  • MMD-4300C - A 30” color diagnostic display monitor, this model provides single and dual 2MP viewing modes and a resolution of 2560(H) x 1600(V). Color-to-grayscale conversion is available.
  • MMD-3213CH - Our 21.3” LCD color display monitor includes high brightness up to 550d/m2 along with a contrast ratio of 750:1. Its high-resolution display capabilities feature optimal 3D color rendering and a smart OSD for simple monitor control.
  • MMD-2213CH - 21.3" Color Monitor - Our 21.3" 2MP diagnostic color display 
  • MMD-5201M - Our 20.1" 5MP diagnostic grayscale display for mammography

LCD monitors for medical applications require superlative quality and accuracy. At ICP America, our selection meets or exceeds the industry’s most stringent standards, providing doctors and patients with the best computer technology available. To find out more or request a custom quote, contact us today.

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