• 60W (5A @ 12V)output
  • Rugged metal enclosure for standard VESA 75/100 mounting
  • Local PC-based monitoring software for input detection and battery status monitoring
  • Remote DC output ON/OFF switch for external switch installation
  • Provides stable power to the PC during line sags and spikes and absorbs power surges and transients,protecting expensive equipment
Input Voltage Uinated/Range DC +9V~+36V
Input Current Rated Adapter is 12V-6A (Load is 60W)
Battery is 6V-12A (Load is 60W)
Standby Power Consumption 0.3A (0.2A if Network Management disabled)
Operation with Charging Current 500mA
Operation with Charging Power Consumption 6W
Charging Time with System ON/OFF 8hrs / 2hrs (Battery empty)
Output Voltage for Normal Operation DC +12V +/-5%
Output Voltage for Battery Operation, Approx. 6~8.4VDC 6V (exhaustive discharge protection)
Output Current 0A~5A
Efficiency 93%
Short-Circuit Protection Yes
Exhaustive Discharge Protection Battery low is 10% of Battery capacity
Shutdown 5% of Battery capacity (Default)
The end of Battery discharge voltage is 6V
EMC / Safety Certification UL, TUV/ CE, FCC
Ethernet Interface Web-based, specification 10/100Mbps with RJ-45 connection, Cat. 5 cable
USB interface PC-capable, specification 2.0 with full speed, i.e. 2 Mbit/s. Standard 4-core shielded cable, USB Series "mini B"connector to DC-UPS
Weight 1.2kg
Storage Temperature -20℃~50℃
Operation Temperature 0℃~40℃
Dimensions 152mm(L) * 96mm(W)*28mm(H)
LED Indicator Green - DC Power Input
Yellow - Battery Charging
Orange - Bettery Discharging
Battery Model Name BAT-LI-2S2P3800
Battery Type Li-Ion 2S2P 7.4V
Battery Capacity 8.4V
Discharging Voltage 5.6V
Suggestive Charging Current (Max.) 2A
System Continuous Discharging Current(Max) 7.6A
End of Charge 250mA/1Min
Discharge Protection Under Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection
Charge Protection Over Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection
Ambient Temp 0°C~40°C>
Storage Temp -20°C~60°C
Self-Discharge Rate 340uA~440uA
Dimensions 139mm(L) * 47mm(W)*26mm(H)
Weight 236g
Cycle Life 300 charge/discharge cycles
Backup 60W/10Min
AUPS-A20-R11 VESA 75, DC 9~36V input, 12V output 60W UPS module with 3800mAH, 2S2P Li-Ion battery
BAT-LI-2S2P3800 SMART BATTERY, TE9IC032K1002, Lithium ion Battery(S2P), 7.4V, 3800mAh,RoHS

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