When facilities are monitored and controlled seamlessly, this creates a reliable environment for tenants, consumers and homeowners. Furthermore, the efficiency introduced with automation allows property owners to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce energy costs.

Make intelligent buildings with smart home and building automation solutions from ICP America. From water systems and electrical usage to lighting, security and closed circuit monitoring, we can help synchronize your building’s myriad operations into a streamlined and integrated system designed for optimal performance.

Products Available

We provide cost-effective manufacturing services and on-time delivery of products that surpass the industry’s highest quality standards. From initial concept and design to prototyping and full production, our team develops dependable computer systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our smart home and building solutions range include AFL3-W10A-BT light industrial panel personal computers, ICECARE-10W tablets, MODAT-531 handheld personal data assistants, IOVU-12F panel-based reduced instruction set computers, and TANK-600-D2550 embedded personal computers.

Comfortable environments help employees perform better and customers have a more memorable experience. From heating or cooling a room to a specific temperature to identifying who enters which rooms at what times and conserving energy when usage is not needed, our automation experts can custom design automation systems to suit your needs.

Working with ICP America:

Take building management to the next level with assistance from ICP America. We develop computer products that outperform competitors, push technological limits and create greener, more efficient environments.

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