Smart Healthcare Solutions

digital healthcare solutions

Smart Healthcare Solutions from ICP America bring connectivity to the Healthcare environment. We offer complete Facility Solutions for Patient Registration, Pharmacy KIOSKS, Diagnostic Monitoring and Bedside Care Systems.


Medical Panel PC: POC Series

Medical Tablet PC: ICEFIRE Series, ICECARE Series

Handheld PDA: MODAT-335, MODAT-531


Smart Factory Solutions

digital factory solutions

Smart Factory Solutions from ICP America facilitates streamlined workflow to a number of Automation environments. Our products shine in applications which include Automatic Manufacturing, Motion Control, Manufacturing Inspection, Intelligent Energy Monitoring and Warehouse Management.


Light Industrial Panel PC’s: AFL3 Series

Display Monitor: DM-F Series

Heavy Industrial Panel PC: PPC-F Series, UPS Series

Tablet PC/Industrial PDAs: ICEFIRE Series, ICECARE-10W, MODAT-335, MODAT-531

Transportation Systems: IKARPC Series

Embedded PC: TANK Series, uIBX Series, DRPC Series, IVS Series


Smart Transportation Solution

digital transportation solutions

Smart Transportation Solutions from ICP America can be found in a number of sectors to include Railway, Marine and Vehicle based solutions.


Display Monitors: DM-F Series, S19/24M Series

Panel PC’s: PPC-F Series, S12A/19/24 Series

In-Vehicle PC: IKARPC Series

Embedded PC’s: SBOX Series, IVS Series, uIBX Series TANK Series


Smart Retail Solution

Digital Retail Solutions

Smart Retail Solutions from ICP America are extremely versatile. Our solutions are ideal for such applications as PSI Retail System, Smart Inventory Fulfillment, In-store CLOUD Based POS, Hospitality POS and Smart Amusement Park Solutions.


Panel PC: AFL3 Series, IOVU Series

Display Monitor: DM-F Series

Tablet PC: ICECARE-10W, ICEFIRE Series

Industrial PDA: MODAT-531, MODAT-335

Industrial System: IDS-200-A70M,IVS-100-BT


Smart Home/Building Automation Solution

digital home solutions

Smart Home and Building Automation Solutions from ICP America can be found in a number of environments to include: Home Automation, Car Park Management, Office Automation, Remote Control Maintenance Management, Building Security and Surveillance and Digital Media Centers.


Light Industrial Panel PC’s: AFL3-W10A-BT

Tablet PC: ICECARE-10W

Handheld PDA: MODAT-531

RISC Based Panel PC: IOVU-12F

Embedded PC: TANK-600-D2550


Smart Marine Solutions

custom marine computer systems

Modern shipbuilders face formidable challenges when designing reliable, cost-effective ships and vessels. Optimize ocean-going equipment performance with smart marine solutions from ICP America.


ECW-281B-BT Fanless marine computer

SBOX-100-QM87 Fanless marine computer with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 dual-core processor

S24A-QM87: 24” Fanless Panel PC with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Dual-core Processor


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