Efficient transportation is an indispensable component of modern civilization. The economic development of a country depends largely on an efficient and adequate transportation system. 

Facilitate organized movement of people and cargo from start to end destinations with smart transportation solutions from ICP America. From automobile electronic toll collection and traffic surveillance systems to railway automatic fare collection and rolling stock solutions, we can help synchronize myriad conveyance modes into a streamlined and integrated transportation system.

Products for Transportation Customers:

At ICP America, we provide cost-effective manufacturing services and on-time delivery of products that surpass the industry’s highest quality standards. From initial concept and design to prototyping and full production, we provide dependable computer systems for challenging environments. Our smart transportation solutions line includes DM-F and S19/24M series display monitors, IKARPC series in-vehicle personal computers, PPC-F and S12A/19/24 series panel personal computers, and SBOX, IVS, uIBX and TANK series embedded personal computers.

Transportation has a profound impact on market development. It creates a more mobile labor force, greater geographic distribution of industries and reduces the costs of goods and services. Our smart transportation solutions can benefit myriad transportation sectors, which include automotive, railway, aviation and marine.

Advantages of Working with ICP America:

ICP America works with clients to develop innovative transportation management solutions. As the number of vehicles on roads continues to rise, demand for enhanced surveillance and traffic flow management grows. Our devices can help improve roadway safety by streamlining traffic flow. Automatic fare collection systems perform ticket vending and fare collection services, which simplify operations and reduce expenses. 

The transition from manually operated to fully integrated transportation systems is happening quickly. Optimize movement with assistance from ICP America.

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