The retail industry is facing an environment in which margins are increasingly under pressure from mounting costs, reduced spending power and competitors with different pricing models. Respond to changing market demands by creating a seamless shopping experience with smart retail solutions from ICP America.

Available Products for Retail:

At ICP America, we provide cost-effective manufacturing services and on-time delivery of products that surpass the industry’s highest quality standards. From initial concept and design to prototyping and full production, we provide versatile computing solutions for often changing retail environments. Our smart retail solutions include AFL3 and IOVU series panel personal computers, DM-F series display monitors, ICECARE-10W and ICEFIRE series tablets, MODAT-531 and MODAT-335 series industrial personal data assistants, and IDS-200-A70M and IVS-100-BT series industrial systems.

Working with ICP America:

ICP America understands your competitive advantage against other retailers is based on your unique business-operating model. We work with you to tailor highly customized applications and fully integrated platforms to provide reliable and premium customer services.

Our panel-based systems offer a complete solutions suite to streamline point-of-sale opportunities. With touchscreens, robust memory and storage, myriad input-output options and a variety of carrying cases or straps, our tablets and personal data assistants give workers a versatile tool to increase customer engagement on showroom floors.

Run your business, connect with customers and sell anywhere with smart retail solutions from ICP America.

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