In an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself, ICP America has remained one step ahead of the competition for more than 25 years.  Originally founded as a product development company, ICP America quickly made a name for itself with computer innovated designs.  During the early 1980’s, the Industrial Computer Market began to define itself, and with that came the need for product developers to look beyond the “off-the-shelf” solution.  ICP America is responsible for many forward thinking designs, including:

  • The First Multi-Function 1MB I/O Board
  • The First Palm Top PC/XT Compatible Computer
  • The First IBM Compatible PC Plug-in Card

Toward the late 1980’s ICP America introduced a line of SBC boards (80-88 and 286 based) which found a niche with the Industrial Control & Automation Industries.  The boards had a rather unique feature that had not been previously seen on an SBC, Disk Emulation.  To this day our IND-386 SBC has been the chosen platform for several companies, the IND-386 board is still being produced 5-years passed its life expectancy.

The early 90’s marked a noticeable shift in our industry, “Ruggedized Computers” were now finding their way into cockpits of airplanes, trunks of vehicles, military ground vehicles and even the space shuttle. Users were experiencing fatal errors in systems which controlled Mission Critical functions.  ICP America recognized that in many scenarios it was the mechanical disk drives causing these failures, to solve this problem the PromDisk® Solid State Disk Emulator product line was born.  Utilizing the same technology as the disk emulator portion of our SBC boards, the PromDisk allows virtually any system to operate “DISKLESS”, eliminating any latency problems often found with mechanical drives.  The PromDisk is a fully bootable solution and is capable of supporting SRAM, EPROM, and Flash EPROM.  The product line today consists of PCI-PromDisk, PromDisk – Chip, and a version with SMT Flash. 

In the mid-to-late 90’s, an insurgence of offshore IPC manufacturers began to establish a presence in the United States, setting up direct sales channels for their products, that up until now were only available directly through the factory, itself.  The market was  flooded with competition, resulting in pricing wars.  ICP America expanded their product offering by taking on the whole product catalog of ICP Electronics.  By blending the “off the shelf” solutions that could be found in the ICP Electronics products with customized solutions, ICP America produced solutions for a wide variety of customers with very competitive pricing.

Today, ICP America plays the role of “Computer System Solution Provider”.  Our typical customer is looking to differentiate themselves from their competition; by choosing an ICP America computer solution they can do just that. Customers experience what it is like to work with a company with its roots in Computer Product Design and Development; we manage your project from start to finish for you.  The ability to make a simple modification to a standard product whether it by a custom BIOS for an SBC board, applying a label to a chassis, or bundling the customers O/S with their system or assign a custom part number identifying the product as theirs, our customer now has a computer solution that is for all intent and purpose a custom solution.  If a standard product will not due, our Engineering Department will spearhead your project and design a product to meet your requirements.  These products can be manufactured in Taiwan, Mainland China or the US. 

ICP America is proud of its rich heritage, in an industry in which companies come and go, remaining ahead of the competition is a remarkable accomplishment.  We continue to develop computer products to meet a need not yet addressed by existing solutions. Our engineers are given the challenge to develop computer products that will continue to outperform our competitors, push technology to its limits and have a lifecycle that can be sustained for some time. You should trust your project to the proven leader in the Industrial Computer Market, trust your project to ICP America “Suppliers of Innovative Solutions for the Industrial PC Market”.

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