ICP America manufactures PICMG 1.0 full-size SBC’s and backplanes. PICMG 1.0 (also referred to as PCI-ISA) in a standard for single board computers designed developed by PICMG, or the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, the leading standards development organization in the embedded computer market. PICMG 1.0 is a specification associated with a computer system modular form factor, which is comprised of a single board computer and a backplane. Within a PICMG 1.0, the single board computer transfers the elements located on the motherboard to a singular plug-in card.

PICMG 1.0 SBC’s are typically used in the industrial automation market, making it a great addition to industrial plants and other facilities.

PICMG 1.0 Advantages

The simplicity and convenience offered by PICMG 1.0 allow for smooth, efficient operation on a consistent basis. Below are several reasons to choose this model:

  • Backplanes are equipped with multiple ISA and PCI slots
  • Backplanes are simple with a decreased potential for failure.
  • PICMG 1.0 systems are easy to maintain, and it is easy to upgrade to a newer processor.
  • Electronics associated with CPUs may be replaced without the need for the removal of peripheral devices previously installed in a configured system
  • PCI-ISA systems have a much lower mean time to repair (MTR) than motherboard systems

Available Models

We offer PICMG 1.0 SBC’s and backplanes in these models:  

These full-size keyboards provide a variety of services, including RoHS compliance, Intel Atom support, and quad CPA cards equipped with VGA.

PICMG 1.0 Applications

Some common applications that use PICMG 1.0 SBC's include: 

Support Options

Our PICMG 1.0 systems are full-size industrial PICMG 1.0 Single Board Computers (SBC) equipped with Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium M, Pentium 4, Celeron D, Celeron M, and Pentium III CPU support. Request support from ICP America today.

Working with ICP America

ICP America is a full-service industrial computer manufacturer. We can design a custom PICMG 1.0 SBC to suit the needs of your industrial facility. To partner with us, please request a custom quote today

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