Our versatile line of IP64/65 compliant, shock and vibration resistant, industrial LCD displays seamlessly integrates into a diverse range of applications and processes. We offer a variety of monitors, including: Industrial (DM), sunreadable (SRM), stainless steel (ISDM), wide temperature (TDM), multimedia (MDM), wide screen multimedia (MDM-W), and our light industrial AFOLUX (AFL-M) monitors.

Our DM-F12A is a twelve inch cd/m² XGA LCD monitor with an aluminum die casting front panel. With a USB resistive touch screen and a 9~36V DC input, it is equipped with a robust IP65 aluminum front bezel. Its aesthetically pleasing, ultra-thin bezel allows for seamless panel mount installation. Equipped with a wide range input and multiple video input options, the DM-F12A is an ideal LCD display solution.

Our DM-F22A is a 21.5 inch, 250 cd/m² FHD LCD monitor with an IP 65 compliant aluminum front panel. The unit offers a robust IP65 aluminum front bezel, an ultra-thin bezel to provide for convenient panel mount installation, and a 9~36V DC input. Its projected capacitive multi-touch and resistive single touch options are ideal for seamless user interaction.

The DM-F24A is a twenty-four inch, 250 cd/m² FHD LCD monitor with an IP65 compliant aluminum front panel. Offering an HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA flexible video input solution, the unit also provides projected capacitive multi-touch/resistive single touch options.

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