• 300W AT PS/2 Type Power Supply
  • 100% Meet RoHS Compliance
  • AC Select Switch
  • High efficiency and reliability
Voltage 85~140 VAC
170~270 VAC (Auto Range)
Frequency 47~440HZ
Voltage Min. load Max. load
+5V 3A 40A
+12V 0.1A 8A
-5V 0A 0.3A
-12V 0A 0.7A
Watt 300
PFC None
Efficiency 68%
MTBF 100,000hrs
Output Connectors Extra +5V(P10) x1, P8+P9 x1, HDD/CDROM x5, FDD x2
Temperature 0 ~ 50˚C (Operating)
-40 ~ 75˚C (Storage)
ACE-935AL-RS 300W AC-DC PS/2 AT RoHS Power Supply with AC Select Switch

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