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EOL Management from ICPA

EOL Management from ICPA

product end of life notification

EOL-End of Life, that one little phrase can instill fear in the hearts of even the most seasoned Project Managers.  Once EOL is mentioned, Project Managers and Engineers alike begin to scramble to ensure their project will live on.  ICPA can help you sustain your Product and Manage the EOL process for you. We believe in providing timely notifications of an EOL to our customers, allowing for Blanketed Purchase Orders to be placed thus securing product prior to end of it’s production. We also offer Bonded Inventory Services for components that require a last buy before there is a need from the customer. ICPA continues to build a product for a customer which utilizes a Chipset that went EOL over 10 years ago. EOL’s can be monitored and managed in a practical way when working with the right company.

For more about our EOL Products visit:

EOL Products

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Smart Healthcare Solutions from ICPA

Smart Healthcare Solutions from ICPA

Industrial Computers have found a home in Smart Healthcare Applications. You can’t visit your doctor’s office without see a Panel PC or Handheld PDA being used from everything to taking Patient History to viewing your XRAYS or SCANS. Now your Healthcare Provider’s Office can share real time patient data with other Offices, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers with ease. If you are away from your network and requiring care, no problem; all files can be easily accessed to provide the same level of care you would receive if you were at home.

ICPA has a wide variety of Smart Healthcare Solutions available to help build your network from the ground up. For a complete review of some of our solutions visit:

Smart Health Solution Guide

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